About Us

Our Flooring contractor

We wouldn’t want to overstate this, but to us, floors are kind of a big deal. You know we tend to think this because you are going to have to be standing on something at every single point in time. So, to us, it really doesn’t matter what type of floor we are talking about. We want to make sure that we set it up in such a way that it isn’t giving you any trouble. That is our job description really. You are coming to us in order to have your floors set up the last thing that you want is for us to fail you. That is why we take so much pride in planning everything out. When you do things with care and you plan things out it is less likely for you to have any type of problem moving forward. We know you are looking to us for solutions!

We hate bringing up the fact that we are actual flooring pros. This tends to make it seem like we are putting other competitors down. That is not what we are trying to do. The thing is, we have also had to come in and fix jobs that were not done right. This happens a lot more often then you would probably expect. We don’t want that to be your case. We suggest that you give us a chance to come in the first time around so that we can help!