Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

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Before you decide to completely remove your hardwood floors and spend more money on bringing in new ones you may want to look at sanding and refinishing as viable options. Through this process, we are going to be able to restore your hardwood floors to their former glory and allow you to take full advantage of your flooring for years to come. Since we are a bit meticulous in the way that we handle these process we want to make sure that you understand what it is that we will be doing and what you can ultimately expect from us!

How Often Should I Get This Done?

Pretty much the first question that anyone who comes in looking for this type of service asks is the one that we have posted above. As a general rule, a good sanding could be good for the surface about once a year. Especially when we are talking about surfaces that have in use for quite a while. Actually, people tend to feel uncomfortable sanding newer hardwood floors. Why fix what ain’t broken right? Well, that second issue is just what we are going to talk about here shortly.

When To Start Sanding

The first thing that we have to get out here is that we are going to have to sand and refinish hardwood floors that were just installed on site. So basically this is a process that has to be done from day one. After that, though you can monitor the floors yourself. After a year or so you may be able to spot more wear and tear and maybe sanding and refinishing could be a better idea at that point. We would love to give you a set date, but the fact is a lot of times the wear and tear that builds up is ultimately what will determine the right time frame.

Refinishing Does Not Mean Different Look

We have been in the business for quite a while. So we have heard a lot of different mindsets from people. This has allowed us to sort of list of the greatest fears that people have and the main reasons why they will decide to do one thing over the other. For example, people may be afraid of refinishing because they like the color and look that the hardwood has now. This is a very valid fear. What we can do is make sure that we are not adding different colors when refinishing or trying to bring in just light coats of stain so that the hardwood does not lose its natural look.

Doing It With Care  

All in all, hardwood should always be treated with care. So, of course when we are called in to get one of these jobs we are going to want to take our time getting it done. We are usually going to take up about a full day or even two going through this process. Of course, this is counting the rest time that we give the surface before staining. Find out much more details about us.