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Child Services & Family Mediation

As you may be aware, making the decision to separate can be emotionally taxing on the entire family. Corpus Christie can help reduce adult conflict and keep the focus on the children by helping to mediate disputes amicably.


Financial Mediation

You might be worried about your financial situation if you separate. Financial decisions should be based on practical needs, and Corpus Christie Mediation can assist you with that.


Workplace Mediation Services

Workplace disagreements can be upsetting and expensive for both employers and employees. With our assistance, you’ll be able to resolve these problems with the least amount of stress and expense.


Online Mediation

Since 2011, we’ve been offering online mediation and are recognised as industry pioneers. We’ve helped hundreds of customers online and are recognised as experts in this field all over the country.

We can help with problems or disputes if you have an internet-enabled device, so call us or check out our online section for more information if you’re having any of these issues. Mediation UK

Stages of Mediation

  • Mediator’s opening statement
  • Disputants’ opening statements
  • Joint discussion
  • Private caucuses
  • Joint negotiation
  • Closure

What my clients say

How mediation has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

'Your ability to lead, negotiate, and come up with ideas and proposals to assist us to a mutually acceptable solution has always impressed me.'
Calliope Grey
'I am finding the sessions incredibly helpful and beneficial and it is a relief to have a safe space and feel supported to discuss the challenges we are facing.'
Hector Aldo
'It's fair to say I was terrified of yesterday but you were fantastic. I came out of our session feeling much better so thank you very much.'
Silvia Cruz

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

Recognised leader in dispute resolution

Our Mediation Partners

Our Focus

As mediators, that is all we do. We were solicitors once upon a time, but we soon realised that the legal system benefited the lawyers at the expense of their clients.

Mediation has a better track record of producing positive results, is less time consuming, and costs less than other options.

It’s a common misconception that problems and disputes can be resolved solely through the application of legal precedents. The majority of issues arise as a result of a sour relationship. Emotions are stoked and polarised viewpoints are reinforced, which usually results in escalating conflict.

Mediation fosters an atmosphere in which verbal communication – rather than written correspondence – is valued. Mediators facilitate discussions by ensuring that opposing viewpoints can be voiced without fear of retaliation. We take steps to make sure the debates are civil. As a result, communication improves, and mutually beneficial agreements are more likely to be reached.

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